Preptober! Day One

October is finally here. That means it’s not appropriate to decorate your house for Halloween in obnoxious, plastic offerings, start eating no less than ten pounds of candy per week, and happily blasting tacky seasonal music until your neighbors call the cops.

If you’re a writer, the arrival of October means all of that and more – because it’s finally the start of Preptober.

Preptober is the span of 30 days before November wherein writers who are planning on participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) bust their asses in an attempt to prepare for the upcoming brutalization of their self-worth. Or, if you’re like me in the past, it’s the span of 30 days before NaNo where I tell myself I’m going to prepare, write down a whole sticky note of a half-developed idea, and then just don’t follow through when NaNo comes around because of a healthy dose of more procrastination and lying to myself.

This year, however, I’d like for things to turn out a little differently, and in killing two birds with one stone by being active over here once more and working on a proper Preptober so that NaNo this year can actually happen.


Behold, the hopefully-more-than-tentative plans for Preptober. I wanted to give myself something to do every week to build up and properly prepare for what I want to write for NaNo, giving myself enough material to work with that I could easily hit 50,000 words in November (I’m actually aiming for 60,000, with a steady 2,000 word minimum a day.)

What I’ll be working on is something that’s been in the making for… I want to say a year? Perhaps a year and a half. What I have planned is a small(ish?) collection of short stories set in a fantasy world that I’ve been developing/world building with a nice handful of characters that I’ve developed to the point I feel comfortable/ready to write them into something. The aim is to plan out about 15 short stories, figuring with 2,000 words a day at one short story every two days (4,000 words a story) being a general outline. I’m giving myself some flexibility knowing some stories will be more or less than others.

As a part of Preptober and NaNoWriMo, I’ll be keeping track of my progress on here as well – partly because it’d be nice to share and see who else is participating this year, but also because public accountability is about 80% of what keeps me doing things.

So, happy Spook Season to everyone and to anyone else who’s working on Preptober and NaNoWriMo this year, good luck!

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