Preptober! Update One

So it’s three days in and Preptober is going well! Which, to be fair, isn’t that huge of an accomplishment, it’s only day three, but that’s beside the point.

Days two-four are my brainstorm days. I didn’t get too much done yesterday, but was able to work on some things today. Three characters that need some development, a couple of world rules. So far I have accomplished in totality:

  • Four general story ideas.
  • Three character ideas.
  • A running list of creatures that will appear in the short stories.
  • A couple of notes on mages/magic/the source of magic.

It’s not a ton of work BUT, it’s a start.

In addition, I’ve started the tentative plans for December’s writing. Where October and NaNoWriMo are going to consist of putting together my fantasy… collection? Anthology? Still working out the logistics of what it will be called but December will bring in a new, equally challenging/large project while I let NaNo’s project sit, which will be a collaboration I want say has been… A month? Maybe two? In the making. I don’t want to give away too much, but suffice to say I’m excited, and Preptober is more… preppy than I thought it would be.

Happy writing ❤