Morning Thoughts | 7.8.17


Though now that I pay attention it is in fact, the afternoon. Whatever.

I’ve been… uncommonly busy. And by uncommonly busy I mean that I’m actually steadily having my shit together. Between regular writing every day and some heavy world building and other blogging shit elsewhere I’m? Productive? And generally I am productive, just not with my personal things; it tends to be with work because, no shock, I have to be productive with work.

I’ve been wanting to post short stories and pieces to here with a little more frequency, but time constraints from work and other things make that a little harder than I would like. I think, then, I’m going to be diligent in posting more WIPs, world building things, musings, stuff like that. I have a lot of content creation going on, but I always feel like if it’s not complete it’s not worth sharing? Which is silly.

Anyway. This is my morning/afternoon word vomit for the day. I have about 8,000 words I need to accomplish today so, adios~


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