June Recap | July Goals 2017

June’s flown by and as I told myself at the beginning of June, I would be keeping better track of myself and my goals – and publicly shaming myself for any potentially unfulfilled goals.

Keeping how I did last month in mind will shape July’s goals and how I approach getting them done. Without further ado, June’s goals and how I fared.

  • A blog post a day. Habitual content creation, etc., etc.
    • I… Failed miserably on this one. No excuses. I dropped the ball. Hard.
  • 1,000 words minium of original writing a day; at least 30,000 words towards the current current WIP story by the end of June.
    • I hit a little over 57,000 words this month, so I count that as a serious win on my part.
  • Have Tumblr set up and linked to this blog.
    • Check!
  • Have Patreon set up and ready to launch for the Fall.
    • Check!
  • Wrap up last month’s unfinished projects; can projects that I’m never going to complete/don’t feel like writing on anymore.
    • Check!
  • 15 shorter pieces through the month of June.
    • I got very close. Unfortunately most of these weren’t original pieces, which was more the intention of this goal. 50%?
  • Steady commissions coming in.
    • Check!
  • Consistent client work.
    • Check!
  • Daily reading.
    • We’re not going to talk about this one.
  • Don’t stress.
    • I’ll give this one a 50% success rate and that’s me being generous with myself.

I didn’t do bad this month. The big things – regular posting, reading – I fell hardest on and those were the things that I wanted to do better on. So, looking forward to July with:

Big Goals:

  • Daily posting – writing, blogging, musings, etc.
  • Daily writing – a final, overall July word count of 70,000 words.
  • Daily reading – starting and finishing Vellum & Ink. 

Small Goals:

  • Put together a reading list for the rest of the year for reviews.
  • One chapter a week written for Nightshade. 
  • Stay on top of weekly writing tasks.
  • Don’t overload self with too many projects – 2 big projects maximum at one time.

Here’s to a productive July 🙂

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