Amusing Finds | 06/06/17

I was going through my Google Drive and my One Drive today in the attempt to further organize all my documents and writing, when I came across some ancient treasures – and by ancient treasures, I mean slightly horrifying relics from when baby Paris first started seriously writing.

A couple of things were really old, really poorly handled fan fiction plots. I found three plots for original stories/series that… Well, they’re not very good, but the bones have ability to put some meat on. It reminds me of the fact that I’ve gone through quite a couple of content purges and the fact that there’s material lingering around from… I want to say prior to 2011? is nothing short of a miracle.

Either way – I have some old material to look over, it seems…

2 thoughts on “Amusing Finds | 06/06/17

  1. I think this is why it is really important for young people interested in writing to just do it… stick it in a folder and eventually revisit the embarrassingly blunt stuff…When you are young you really do have good ideas if not the ability to execute them…Inhibitions start to edit your creative process as you get older, and it becomes a battle to see things from a simple, fresh perspective. Only when we read things written by younger writers do we realize what we’ve lost…

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    • It’s why I’ve gotten into the habit of not throwing away my writing or the virtual ‘deleting’ it. I used to do that so often. It’s bad? Trash. Writer’s block? Garbage.
      For the most part, none of these writings are very good, but I see the potential that my younger, less experienced self didn’t have the tools to utilize. Now however… I look very forward to getting my hands on a couple of these again and remaking them from the inside out.

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