Morning Thoughts | 2.1.17

I’m finding my productivity goes down along with the temperature drops – the bed, after all, with its thick blankets and comforting pillows, is far more appealing than the frigid tile floors and chilly air that occupies my house.

(I should mention here that I live in the south, and it was forty-eight degrees this morning in central Florida – it was freezing as far as I’m concerned and the pinnacle of Florida winter.)

An hour and a half delay, but things are slowly converging back on the track. Mostly due to it warming up – it’s a toasty fifty-eight degrees now, lucky me.

Here’s to hoping the weather decides to right itself sometime soon, for the sake of my work schedule and my sanity.


2 thoughts on “Morning Thoughts | 2.1.17

  1. Weirdly, my own productivity goes up….I slap on the wooly hat, the gloves, the sweatshirt layers, the lap blanket, turn on the portable heater and go into the coldest room in the house….where the computer resides…Therein I feel secure, isolated, insulated….protected by deep snow from the intrusion of the outside world…

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    • I am weak and feeble in the face of the cold. I tend to burrow deeper in my bed, refusing to surface until the house is at an acceptable temperature – though at this point acceptable is far out of my grasp as it hasn’t reached a solid 70 yet. Ah, well. Gotta work anyway.

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