February Plans!

With January as a surprisingly productive prep month, I have some announcements to make! While I intend to get back to writing regularly outside of work related things and posting them here, I also wanted to do more… well blogging, as well. This includes random thoughts, daily journals, as well as more ‘structured’ pieces that I actually proofread before throwing into the void of the internet.

So. Unveiling the current line-up beginning this month:

1) Freelancing for Newbies


It’s not a new series, but it is getting a re-vamp along with weekly postings. The aim for this is to give relaxed, hopefully useful information and advice on freelancing for people who haven’t been in the game long – by someone who hasn’t been in the game that long. A lot of it can be applied generally, but I will be talking about freelancing for writers and editors, since that’s what I do.



I tell myself far too frequently that I’m going to read more – which usually ends up translating into ‘I’m going to binge this one book for a day and then never pick it up again as the spiraling cluster fuck of my responsibilities are used as an excuse to not pick it up again. But no more!

The goal is to get through at least one book a month and write a review on it. Less dissertation style, more casual conversation about the book, my thoughts, its problems, and most importantly – if I’d recommend it.

3) Diversity in Writing


This series has taken up most of my time in its planning through January, predominantly because it’s one that I have found is a huge topic among writing circles and groups that I’ve joined – often for the wrong reasons. I’ll be putting up an introductory post this week, but the series aims to explore diversification in characters of fiction, specifically how minority or marginalized characters are handled (or not) in fiction, and challenging the portrayals of them and writers’ disdain over ‘having’ to write them.


I’ll be rolling out a couple other series over the next few months, pacing it out based on how much work I have as well as how well those guys up there do. It’s gearing up to be an exciting year.

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