New Year, New Habits | 2017 Writing Plans

It’s finally 2017. We’ve gotten over the horrendous hump of a year that was 2016, and are hopefully moving on to bigger, better things. I know for myself, the end of 2016 has brought a glorious halt to a number of frustrating life circumstances, and with ushering in 2017, is paving the way for new opportunities.

I talked briefly in October, I believe (it’s been a bit of a dry spell around here) about working towards freelancing full time, opening an Etsy shop, setting up a Patreon… things that were hopes for 2017 but not necessarily attainable. I was working retail, which gave me time to do some freelancing on the side, but not a whole lot to realistically put the kind of work and effort it takes to freelance full time, run your own business, and manage a platform like Patreon.

I struggled, trying to figure out how I was going to manage my jobs and the goals I wanted to achieve, when I made the choice to move to freelancing full-time, quitting the retail job to put forth all my energy and resources to freelancing, posting here, and most importantly – working on my writing. I’m going to talk a little more about how I went about preparing for becoming a freelancer full time, but suffice to say it’s a choice that I have yet to regret.

So. With a new year, new career track, and goals to make, here’s to laying down what I’d like to accomplish here in 2017:

  • Consistent daily writing and blog posting.
  • Finishing the first draft of my novel.
  • Organizing and launching Patreon.
  • Engaging more with the writing community, here and elsewhere.

I hope everyone’s New Year is going as well (so far) as mine.

One thought on “New Year, New Habits | 2017 Writing Plans

  1. For me it is the Old Habits that are the most tenacious. Launching the Greater Rocky Mountain Horror Writers APA will be my New Years Baby…and if things continue to go sideways with my physical self, a change in how I make money will be sure to follow. Retail is Hell on the body….but I do love the hours most of the time, and learning ever more about marketing books in real time! Like you, the search is on for new things of better ilk this year…. And I think your posting plans have a good deal of value! Please do keep us informed. Tally ho!


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