NaNoWriMo 2016 | Day 2

I’m going to confess something. I’ve never completed a NaNoWriMo. Not even half-way.

Now, I’ve always participated, but you don’t win just by participating. Every year I have a novel lined up. I fill out all the fun information, I plot, I talk about it with my friends. The first few days go by amazingly and then I just stop. The steam is short lived, I get busy, I make excuses, etc., etc., etc.

We’ve established before I procrastinate, a lot. This isn’t anything new, really.

This year, however, I’m actually doing fairly well, at least as far as the starting part goes. I do have to balance out work, which means on my full days I can’t dedicate several hours to writing for NaNo, but I can at least dedicate a few hundred words, which I’ve done so far. Kudos?

In addition, I’ve managed to not edit while I write, which is quite huge since it’s very hard for me to go through a story without editing while writing. I sometimes forget that drafts exist for a reason, and the first one is supposed to be kinda trash – it’s your first take, the place where your mistakes are made and where you can note improvements.

So in the spirit of NaNo, I figured I’d share a snippet of what I have so far, ignoring the fact that I could probably do to edit and rewrite it. For anyone participating this year, happy NaNoing!

 Generations ago, before the Dwarves delighted in the surface for the first time, before the Elves sung their kingdom into existence, before the Humans learnt the ways of fire – there were Dragons.

They were great beasts, larger than any dwelling known to man, powerful by ways of strength and magic, they dominated the lands from Mira in the East to Rh’on in the West. Commanders of the elements, arbitrators of magic, these beasts roamed land and sea alike. In many places, they were revered, and in others, they were envied. Years they lived, flying high above the creatures of the Earth or swimming deep within the depths of the sea among the sea-folk – unbothered, unaltered.

It was the Dragons, according to legend, that bestowed the gifts of Magic unto the Elves, and Dragons who carved the first Dwarven caves deep within the Cratous Mountains. Humans, Dragons spurned – they gave no magic and carved no great halls. For this, humans became envious.

For this, they hunted the Dragons.

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2016 | Day 2

    • National Novel Writing Month! It happens every November.
      The goal is to write 50,000 words over the course of November. There’s no monetary prize or any sort of global recognition, but it’s a really good way to sit down and work towards a goal, especially if you have other people writing with you, and other writers in your region you can get in touch with.


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