Difficult Clients & Making Accomodations

I’m a very particular person when I work. I have a routine, a process. There’s a reason that I do the things that I do, because they work for me and make the ordeal of editing easier and run smoother.

Unfortunately, some clients just don’t care about that. Or, they’re just as particular and needy for a specific routine as I am. Either way, when it comes to work for the most part I can’t always do things the way I want them done. Sometimes clients want a specific format, or they want things completed in a strange way. I’ve had times where I’ve had to completely re-do work because a client didn’t like the format of my editing and wanted it done differently (something I wasn’t informed of before doing the work, which made it more frustrating.) My client today would like their editing sent to them in parts, rather than a whole, which is generally not how I do things unless I receive the piece in parts – it makes it easier to reference back to previous material when there are inconsistencies, and generally I don’t like sending in partial work, it just makes getting through everything more tedious.

Like I said, I’m particular.

I’m learning that, the more jobs I take on, and the variety of clients I get increases, they’re not all going to be as easy as others. Some are going to require a little more ‘breathe in, breathe out, it’s okay’ pep talks than others. Some are going to require me to learn and adapt to new working habits and routines. It’s all quite frustrating, really, but in the long run it will probably benefit me. At least that’s the hope; I could always be proven wrong.


3 thoughts on “Difficult Clients & Making Accomodations

  1. That’s one of the interesting aspects of working with the public: everyone is different. Most aren’t that bad to deal with and can make your day easy enough to go through, but every now and then you come across the more…interesting…one and makes things challenging. These people tend to push you and can be growing experiences at the end, so I’ll hope you find those. There are also some that are just pains in the rear and are just a cost of doing business. I hope your experiences with these are few and far between.

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    • I’ve been very lucky so far and haven’t had any clients that are that sort of difficult. It’s all a learning process, and being a young freelancer it’s one that I’m glad I’m having now. It makes future work easier and gives me the experience I need to circumvent any potentially damaging clients in the future.

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  2. Sadly, I don’t think all writers realize that their work is a “product.” They may not be ready to divest themselves of all the magic it took to get their project done… Not saying it is easy, but one can prepare oneself better. I don’t let myself read a “rejection/acceptance” or editorial commentary when I am writing. And I take deep breaths, and tell myself it is constructive criticism on the mechanics, not about me before I read. Then I let myself have some time to pout, maybe have some chocolate. Then I pull myself together and look at the comments like an adult.

    Usually works…

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