Updates, Silence, & Catching Up

This last week, in a nutshell, has been h e c t i c.

I live in Florida, and for anyone who’s clued into the news the last week or so, we were hit by a hurricane. While we didn’t get it as bad as Haiti and the Bahamas/Jamaica did, it did cause a bit of a set-back by way of work and blogging (you try writing stories while Mother Nature rages outside your window.) But, the sun shining again and the rain is finally gone. It’s Monday – which, according to who you talk to, can be a good or a bad thing – and I have a lot to do.

Despite the lack of activity during Matthew’s temper tantrum, I ended up getting booked for a one-time job as well as another job that can lead to long-term work (which, for a freelancer, is heaven incarnate.) My current clients are/were also very understanding, and I should be getting a very nice chunk of hard-effort change once I finish tying up everything I fell behind on for the last week between preparations and weathering the storm. Afterwards I hope to be able to ease into my schedule again and not be so overloaded with make-up work, otherwise I’m pretty sure one of my partners is going to hunt me down and force me to nap for once.

Don’t think she won’t. She will.

I did miss writing a great deal, and I’ll be happy to slide right back into that now that things have settled. I have flash fiction for October I still need to put out, as well as short stories that need to be outlined and written, and maybe one sent off to see about publication. Prep for Patreon should be back in order this week, as well as working on getting this blog scheduled up and organized, because that’s the only way I know how to do productive work.

So, here’s to the start of the week, getting things accomplished, and working past life’s numerous hurdles.

One thought on “Updates, Silence, & Catching Up

  1. Glad you and your wit survived! I, too, once lived in Florida (18 years, Tampa Bay area) and was more than glad to get away from that constant threat. After living through a Class 5 in Taiwan, I felt constant PTSD… Now that I am far enough inland, I am happy to report I have FINALLY eaten through all of the canned tuna I accumulated for 18 years as annual Hurricane Supplies… and lovin’ the Fall and the snow that comes after. Usually. Snow days are Free Writing days!

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