September Re-Cap & October Goals

I fell off a bit towards the end of September (which might be a bit of an understatement, posting was very scant in general,) but overall, I got a lot accomplished in the month. I managed to stick to writing every day, either through work, blogging, or personal writing, and I also developed a bit of a daily routine that I think I can stick with and utilize from here to November. And while I didn’t necessarily hit word count goals for the totality of September, I at least have the motivation to work harder for October.

So. What does October have in store, then?

I’ve already mentioned previously that I plan to launch my Patreon account at the end of October. Preparation for that, working on scheduling, and thinking about my overall goals for having one are in order. It’s also NaNo prep month, which means a lot of plotting, snippet writing, and pre-drafting going on.

What I really want to accomplish this month, is solidifying my writing routine, encompassing work, blogging, and personal writing, as well as stick to and consistently hit daily goals. It’ll make moving into November easier to accomplish, and I’ll be able to build off what I’ve already established from September, moving on forward.

Here’s to big things happening in October.

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