Morning Thoughts | 9.20.16

Today I woke up with thoughts of the past.

I had never seriously entertained a career in writing and editing. I had always assumed I would have another kind of professional career (I started college with the intent on getting degrees in psychology, and becoming a psychologist.) I loved writing. I loved reading. It was never a thought to make anything out of it.

The years that I was in school taught me a lot of things. I grew up a lot after high school.

Part of that was realizing that my passions didn’t lay where I thought that they did. I got more and more into writing and networking with other writers and blogging. I was less and less enthusiastic about my degree. I eventually ended up changing majors and working towards a degree in English, and after a lot of trial and error and hard work, I earned my AA.

Now that I’m working in my field, saving money to continue my education… I’m so very thankful that I found what I want to do, something that I’m truly invested in. Something that I love.

I feel good about that.


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