Planning, Plotting, & Pacing | Mid-September Check-In

September is almost halfway through, and I’m pleasantly surprised with how much I’ve kept up with what I said I would set out to do this month and into the next. For a small recap, this month is my trial-and-error month for figuring out my writing schedule, learning how I want to pace myself, and in general getting into a writing routine.

So far, I’ve done well. I haven’t stuck to my ‘homework,’ but I have written every day since the start of September, and on most days I’ve met my word count goal. I’ve gotten into the habit of knowing that I need to write – whether it’s a blog post for my 30 day challenge, writing for work or writing for myself – and sitting down and doing so. My motivation is up. I’m doing more.

What I think my issue was, in regards to where I fall behind, is trying to do too much without pacing myself and giving myself room for breathers. Doing something every single day isn’t always feasible. Things come up in life and sometimes you just can’t do something you’d planned that day. Sometimes you need a break. I’m learning that that’s okay, too, and I can’t always just schedule myself a breather day. Sometimes that ‘breather’ day is the most productive day of the week, and a day that I planned on having work done is a day where I do nothing but decompress and game.

It’s a learning process, and I’m learning. I’m looking forward to the rest of the month and the coming months – and to writing more.

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