Morning Thoughts | 9.13.16

I’m thinking more and more on the idea of doing more flash fiction. I’m not new necessarily to one shots, but writing short pieces (really, really short pieces) I think will be good practice for me for learning how to cut down on words while still telling a good story. I’d also like to build up the original content that I have, as opposed to having my folder full of half-finished, nearly-finished, probably-forgotten works.

Things to consider.

2 thoughts on “Morning Thoughts | 9.13.16

  1. Well you have about seventy words here and I have often seen word numbers quoted. I don’t t know about you but I frequently come across long rambling blogs. I suppose this was the idea behind Twitter and it took off successfully. Most of us have something to say even if it’s a quick insult.


    • That’s mostly because my morning thoughts blogs aren’t intended to be very long, lol. But I get your meaning. When I write, I tend to be very wordy. I like descriptions and elaborate settings and emotions in my fiction writing. It’s mostly an exercise in trying something new for myself. I like the challenge.


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