Morning Thoughts | 9.10.16

It’s deadline day! And I’m excited. I have… a little over half of my assignment for a client done (which sounds like cutting it close, but I generally work in smaller chunks and then get a larger portion done last, I’m strange like that) and a somewhat free morning to get it all done.

I’m gaining more and more motivation and umph as the month wears on when it comes to writing and hitting goals and deadlines and such. I think it’s because I’ve gotten into the habit of writing daily (and so far, I haven’t missed a day, which is good even if I don’t necessarily reach my word count goal.) Which, is amazing, considering the fact that I’m notorious for saying that I’m going to do things, and then just put the things off.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I procrastinate. A lot. 

I guess the take away is that self-discipline is a good thing, and I’m slowly learning it. So once again: to work!


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