WIP | Meadowlark


“Are you getting distracted, pretty boy?”

The Mistress spoke to him, her voice smooth and soft, but there’s a power in it that calls his attention above all others in the club.

Alexius doesn’t answer her; it’s a whine that comes instead, and that caressing finger at his mouth turned into a smack against his cheek as a bare hand came across his face, turning it harshly to the side. It’s not hard enough to split skin, but its strength managed to send spittle across his lip. The humiliation of it was thrilling, and he inhaled sharply as pleasure tingled through his body like wires sparking at his skin.

“I asked you a question, I expect an answer.”

“No, Mistress. Not distracted at all.”

“Hm.” She sounded pondering, and the toe of her heel came to his cheek, turning his head to the side. He’s made to look at her, right in her eyes and they hold his gaze with an intensity that he has always been weak to.

“Color, pretty boy?”

He doesn’t hesitate in his answer.


– Meadowlark

Small snippet on a story I’m working on, letting it go… wherever it happens to decide to go. Alexius is a character I’ve been developing for a while and I’m letting him do whatever he wants to do at this point.

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