Morning Thoughts | 9.9.16

Sometimes what we need is to step away from the computer for a while, put away the pad of paper, hide away the schedules, and just sleep.

Let’s face it, writers overwork themselves. I don’t think a lot of people take into consideration the fact that writing is actually a lot of work. There’s a toll. Your mind gets tired, you’ve been sitting in one place for hours and hours. You’re either focused and in the zone or struggling through writer’s block that you’re not allowed to ignore. It’s fun, but it’s work.

I realized this last night, while working on an assignment for a client that’s due tomorrow. I got about halfway done with the full piece, met my writing goal for the day, and decided to lay down for a nap to rest my brain. Just an hour or so, I told myself, despite the 8 hours of work previously in the day and various ‘life’ things happening.

I ended up sleeping for twelve.

Now, I’m not saying that you should always just take time to pass out for twelve hours straight, but I will say that I’m feeling considerably better than I had been at this time yesterday, and I’m in a much clearer state of mind to begin to sit down and work.

TL;DR: give yourselves some rest, writers.

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