Morning Thoughts | 9.5.16

So the first ‘week’ of September has come and gone. I haven’t kept up with my goals as hard-core as I had intended, but I am learning how to pace myself with everything I do on a daily basis (between hourly work, writing, plotting, editing, and general day-to-day life because, you know, sometimes I need groceries or want to get out of my home office – read: bedroom.) Which I think is a good thing. The upward climb is still going strong, if not more casually paced.

I think, as writers, we often try to take on too much. I have to get five chapters out today, I have to meet this 50,000 word goal today, I have write three sonnets, a ballad, and an essay on Life, The Universe, And Everything. I don’t think we realize sometimes that we don’t have to do it all in one day. That we’re allowed reprieve.

Writing is work, even if it is enjoyable work.


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