Morning Thoughts: Afternoon Edition | 9.4.16

While at my hourly today (because unfortunately writing does not pay the bills yet) I was thinking about the group of friends I keep close and how, differences aside, we all have in common that we’re creative types. We all write in some form or another, at different stages in finding where we stand in the writing community.

I’ve always thought that it would be hard to be friends or be close with other writers. Business-wise, they’re your competition, and there’s no one that’s going to critique you harder than another writer will – except, perhaps, yourself, but you are still a writer so you still count. I always thought that there would be an underlying tension, a desire for sabotage or wishing failure, or any other number of seedy, conspiring things.

What I’ve found, delightfully, is the opposite. Perhaps I’ve gotten lucky with the people I know, but there’s never been more support than from my writer friends, my little group of people who create worlds with a keyboard. It’s nice, because while I struggle a lot with confidence in my writing, it helps to have that sort of backing from people who know what you’re going through and who can relate.

It’s a nice, fuzzy kind of feeling.


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