WIP | 9.3.16

It’s bleak, and cold. The fires of war have died out, leaving ash and char about the land. The destruction offers no comfort, no hope. Where buildings stood, there is nothing but brick and mortar crumbled and scattered about. Homes are no more. The people are gone.

All, but a girl who lives among the wastes. A girl named Ana.

The streets are unrecognizable to her, the lone girl left alive among the debris. Craters from destructive artillery shells have replaced the once-busy streets she used to roam with her mother, the shops now nothing more than broken glass and burnt displays. Sticky, still-flaming napalm burns bright here and there, though Ana has left the patches of flame alone. Nothing remains whole following the weeks of raids that culminated into the final, spectacular show of military power: the bombings.

Working on a submission for TANSTAAAFL Press’s Enter The Aftermath anthology and particularly liked this part, so I figured I would share while it’s still in rough draft stages. Really excited about this piece; I can’t wait to get it done and sent out. *fingers crossed and crossed again*

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