Writing Hack?

I’ve made a point to start saving all of my in progress work in folders labeled ‘first draft.’ Why? Because if I don’t, I have a serious urge to edit them while I’m still in the process of writing them.

It’s part of the reason I tend not to finish projects. I’m forever stuck in the writing-editing-not-actually-finishing phase of my writing.

I figure if I give myself an ever-present reminder that it’s just the first draft, that it’s okay if it’s garbage (because let’s be real, unless you’re a genius, your first drafts are far from being ready to publish) then I’ll break the mold and you know. Finish something for once.

Of course, this may just lead to several, in progress, second, third, and fourth drafts.

But that’s for the universe to know and for me to find out.


2 thoughts on “Writing Hack?

  1. I actually don’t quite THINK when I’m writing the first draft. I’m too busy trying to get everything out to think about the words, the mistakes, or those stupid squiggly red lines. Then again, you’ve seen what my rough drafts look like >.>


    • Ha. That I have, that I have…
      I think I’ve gotten so used to having to have a perfect draft out quick or first go I haven’t gotten into the habit of just being able to write without worrying if it’s trash or not. Slowly breaking the habit, one painful, terrible rough draft at a time 😀


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