Five Minutes

How much can you write in five minutes?

A sentence? A paragraph? A chapter?

Well. Probably not a chapter.

But in five minutes, how much can you accomplish in that space of time?

I asked myself that as I sat at my desk, thinking of ways to give myself a small personal assignment that involved something relatively quick, simple, that could be done daily regardless of what I had going on. And really, what’s five minutes out of the day? What’s five minutes out of every single day for a week, or a month, or a year? Just five minutes. Not even an entire hour.

I often have excuses (some legitimate and some purely because I can be horrifically lazy if I don’t have the right frame of mind) as to why I didn’t write on a certain day. It usually involves not having enough time. I don’t have an hour to sit and do this. I don’t have the time between work to do this. Blah, blah, blah.

But five minutes? I can spare a measly five minutes to write. Write anything. Snippets. Ideas. Character thoughts. Once a day, every day.

No excuses.

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