Busy, Busy

After a nice little break from work because of Easter, it’s back in the grind. This time, it’s taking on revisions, and as little as revisions actually frustrate me, I’ve come to realize with writing that sometimes clients don’t tell you exactly what they want from you until after you’ve given them something that wasn’t what they expected of you.

Long story short, I now need to make something that would have been roughly 20K when finished into something no more than 12K.

Oy vey.

The good thing is, I’m fairly good at condensing. The bad thing is, planning for the kinda development a longer project takes and making it smaller is… a task. A task I’m more than willing to take on (money is money and I still get to do what I like, so where can I really complain?)

I’ve managed to cut/re-write a decent portion of the piece in question. Now it’s sitting and waiting for client approval.

In the meantime, I’ve started on another project, writing something of my own. I haven’t done that in what feels like forever, but hopefully between work, work, and work, I can find time to just sit down and do it 🙂




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