Setting Goals!


Now that Easter ‘break’ has passed and I’ve settled (somewhat) into a routine for work, I figured it’s a good time to set writing goals for myself so I can actually… get to writing my own stories as opposed to only writing the things I do for ghost writing.

So, with a small bit of self discipline I figure:

  • 2,000 words a day, per week, towards a new short story.
  • The occasional 5-minute drabble challenge to practice on quick writing.
  • Learning not to edit while writing so I can actually get to writing.

I think those are pretty good goals. I have to write about that much a day for my job as it is, so I figure it’s not too much of a stretch for me to do it for myself, either.

Worst case scenario, I burn out and have to take it slower.

Best case scenario, I actually get work done on all the projects I’ve been putting off/on hold.

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