Writer Things: A Million Notebooks

I finally got around to organizing my work space today, which included being reminded that I own more notebooks than I probably should:


That’s not even including all of them; I had a few more that I found after pulling these ones out of the notebook drawer in my desk. The intention was to make sure that, as I suspected, all of the books had ideas and writing in them (fun fact, they do, so at least they’re getting use) and to organize them according to content. Unfortunately for me, that’s proven impossible, since no notebook (aside from the little black one on the left) actually has a designated story/purpose/function. I can probably blame that on the fact that I take my notebooks where I go depending on which one I just so happen to grab at the time. Hooray, convenience.

On the plus side, I can at least say that I’ve rediscovered some old writing and ideas that I can probably put to use in the coming months. Downside is, I’m compulsive enough to buy another set of notebooks before these ones are completely used up.



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