Preptober! Update One

So it’s three days in and Preptober is going well! Which, to be fair, isn’t that huge of an accomplishment, it’s only day three, but that’s beside the point.

Days two-four are my brainstorm days. I didn’t get too much done yesterday, but was able to work on some things today. Three characters that need some development, a couple of world rules. So far I have accomplished in totality:

  • Four general story ideas.
  • Three character ideas.
  • A running list of creatures that will appear in the short stories.
  • A couple of notes on mages/magic/the source of magic.

It’s not a ton of work BUT, it’s a start.

In addition, I’ve started the tentative plans for December’s writing. Where October and NaNoWriMo are going to consist of putting together my fantasy… collection? Anthology? Still working out the logistics of what it will be called but December will bring in a new, equally challenging/large project while I let NaNo’s project sit, which will be a collaboration I want say has been… A month? Maybe two? In the making. I don’t want to give away too much, but suffice to say I’m excited, and Preptober is more… preppy than I thought it would be.

Happy writing ❤


Preptober! Day One

October is finally here. That means it’s now appropriate to decorate your house for Halloween in obnoxious, plastic offerings, start eating no less than ten pounds of candy per week, and happily blasting tacky seasonal music until your neighbors call the cops.

If you’re a writer, the arrival of October means all of that and more – because it’s finally the start of Preptober.

Preptober is the span of 30 days before November wherein writers who are planning on participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) bust their asses in an attempt to prepare for the upcoming brutalization of their self-worth. Or, if you’re like me in the past, it’s the span of 30 days before NaNo where I tell myself I’m going to prepare, write down a whole sticky note of a half-developed idea, and then just don’t follow through when NaNo comes around because of a healthy dose of more procrastination and lying to myself.

This year, however, I’d like for things to turn out a little differently, and in killing two birds with one stone by being active over here once more and working on a proper Preptober so that NaNo this year can actually happen.


Behold, the hopefully-more-than-tentative plans for Preptober. I wanted to give myself something to do every week to build up and properly prepare for what I want to write for NaNo, giving myself enough material to work with that I could easily hit 50,000 words in November (I’m actually aiming for 60,000, with a steady 2,000 word minimum a day.)

What I’ll be working on is something that’s been in the making for… I want to say a year? Perhaps a year and a half. What I have planned is a small(ish?) collection of short stories set in a fantasy world that I’ve been developing/world building with a nice handful of characters that I’ve developed to the point I feel comfortable/ready to write them into something. The aim is to plan out about 15 short stories, figuring with 2,000 words a day at one short story every two days (4,000 words a story) being a general outline. I’m giving myself some flexibility knowing some stories will be more or less than others.

As a part of Preptober and NaNoWriMo, I’ll be keeping track of my progress on here as well – partly because it’d be nice to share and see who else is participating this year, but also because public accountability is about 80% of what keeps me doing things.

So, happy Spook Season to everyone and to anyone else who’s working on Preptober and NaNoWriMo this year, good luck!

Morning Thoughts | 7.8.17


Though now that I pay attention it is in fact, the afternoon. Whatever.

I’ve been… uncommonly busy. And by uncommonly busy I mean that I’m actually steadily having my shit together. Between regular writing every day and some heavy world building and other blogging shit elsewhere I’m? Productive? And generally I am productive, just not with my personal things; it tends to be with work because, no shock, I have to be productive with work.

I’ve been wanting to post short stories and pieces to here with a little more frequency, but time constraints from work and other things make that a little harder than I would like. I think, then, I’m going to be diligent in posting more WIPs, world building things, musings, stuff like that. I have a lot of content creation going on, but I always feel like if it’s not complete it’s not worth sharing? Which is silly.

Anyway. This is my morning/afternoon word vomit for the day. I have about 8,000 words I need to accomplish today so, adios~


Monday Musings | Fk Monday

Today started out like any Monday would. Behind schedule, under motivated, and with far less caffeine than would be desired. Not a good initiating point to the week, considering today is a full day of work, personal goals are looking me dead in the face asking when I intend to get to them, and in general there’s just. Shit. To accomplish. That I’m slowly, barely getting through within the schedule that I set for myself today.

On the plus side, this post is one of those things, so I guess I can pat myself on the back for accomplishing one (1) whole thing today.

It’s been said before but I don’t really care: I get the impression every time Monday rolls around that the expectation for Mondays to be horrible possibly colors the way Mondays turn out. The impending, looming doom of the Monday that lingers in Sunday’s horizons almost always tends to turn out just how we think it will – fucking terrible. I went to bed last night dreading the thought of something happening that would throw me off my neatly calculated schedule for today, and here I am, having gotten to work about an hour and a half off schedule, making an attempt to catch up. Either self fulfilling prophecy is real, or I’m a prophet.

Either way, I’m at least getting things done, even if I’m getting them done late. That self-imposed one in the morning curfew for myself might have to be disregarded in order to get it done, but what can I expect? It’s a Monday. Best to take it by the balls, down a few cups of coffee and get through it.

June Recap | July Goals 2017

June’s flown by and as I told myself at the beginning of June, I would be keeping better track of myself and my goals – and publicly shaming myself for any potentially unfulfilled goals.

Keeping how I did last month in mind will shape July’s goals and how I approach getting them done. Without further ado, June’s goals and how I fared.

  • A blog post a day. Habitual content creation, etc., etc.
    • I… Failed miserably on this one. No excuses. I dropped the ball. Hard.
  • 1,000 words minium of original writing a day; at least 30,000 words towards the current current WIP story by the end of June.
    • I hit a little over 57,000 words this month, so I count that as a serious win on my part.
  • Have Tumblr set up and linked to this blog.
    • Check!
  • Have Patreon set up and ready to launch for the Fall.
    • Check!
  • Wrap up last month’s unfinished projects; can projects that I’m never going to complete/don’t feel like writing on anymore.
    • Check!
  • 15 shorter pieces through the month of June.
    • I got very close. Unfortunately most of these weren’t original pieces, which was more the intention of this goal. 50%?
  • Steady commissions coming in.
    • Check!
  • Consistent client work.
    • Check!
  • Daily reading.
    • We’re not going to talk about this one.
  • Don’t stress.
    • I’ll give this one a 50% success rate and that’s me being generous with myself.

I didn’t do bad this month. The big things – regular posting, reading – I fell hardest on and those were the things that I wanted to do better on. So, looking forward to July with:

Big Goals:

  • Daily posting – writing, blogging, musings, etc.
  • Daily writing – a final, overall July word count of 70,000 words.
  • Daily reading – starting and finishing Vellum & Ink. 

Small Goals:

  • Put together a reading list for the rest of the year for reviews.
  • One chapter a week written for Nightshade. 
  • Stay on top of weekly writing tasks.
  • Don’t overload self with too many projects – 2 big projects maximum at one time.

Here’s to a productive July 🙂

Burn Bitter

God’s name used to be honey. Thick. Sweet. A taste that settled heavenly on your tongue and pleased you to speak. You served ever grateful, just for the sip of his name as it uttered from your lips.

Now, it’s a tar. Too bitter – it puckers at your lips. The sludge of it clings and clogs in your throat, bubbles up when you try to speak. One little word, once a sweet balm within your mouth leaves acrid little ulcers along your tongue and spews out like bile to burn cracked lips.

Yet as you lay at Hell’s floor, looking up, up, towards that which you forsook, you speak it still. The agony of it burns just as the deathly aching cold of Hell burns. Will the bitter break and bring sweet succor back to you? You hope it does. You pray it, even if your prayers echo hollowly around you and there’s no one there to care, let alone to answer.

God… God…

He can’t hear you.

God… God…

And your gums melt away each time you say it.


You think, when you Fall, that Hell will be a pyre in which your damned and rotten soul will burn. You anticipate the lick of flames against your flesh, searing the skin and then sizzling the fat, scorching the meat before it chars and cracks your bones to coals. You await the embrace of the flame. You want it, need to taste the ash in your mouth and savor how it suffocates you.

For a lifetime.

For eternity.

You Fall to your Temptations, to the weight of your Sins, to the Earth and then below it deep down where wretched souls and the Fallen just like you reside. Heaven’s Light grows dimmer, dimmer, and you think it’s good riddance – it was a false Light, a farce. Hell burns ever brighter and far more freely than the Holy Lie to which you’ve devoted yourself to.

The feathers of your once-proud wings molt as they’re stripped away while you tumble Down. Plumage once thick and lustrous flits away a feather at a time, leaving nothing but a cage of bones that try to shield you from –

The cold?

It’s not heat that that burns your flesh, but a cool cold, cold, frosty, frigid cold that crystalizes icy cold and deathly blue onto your skin. It’s frozen agony and sears your lungs and pricks you and it hurts but it’s not the hellish flame that you thought it would be, not the indulgent fire of life you were promised –

Hell is barren.

It sinks in as the cold leaves you rigid on Hell’s floor, immobile on your back, cradled by your cage of wings. Breath… ragged, breath… puffs before your face as you draw the cold, dead air in. You don’t taste ash. You taste nothing. Your tongue freezes as you breathe – you keep breathing anyway as it turns dead and black in your mouth and the frostbite is almost acrid.

Above – Heaven burns. A pinprick of light. And you haven’t the strength to raise your hand and reach.

Amusing Finds | 06/06/17

I was going through my Google Drive and my One Drive today in the attempt to further organize all my documents and writing, when I came across some ancient treasures – and by ancient treasures, I mean slightly horrifying relics from when baby Paris first started seriously writing.

A couple of things were really old, really poorly handled fan fiction plots. I found three plots for original stories/series that… Well, they’re not very good, but the bones have ability to put some meat on. It reminds me of the fact that I’ve gone through quite a couple of content purges and the fact that there’s material lingering around from… I want to say prior to 2011? is nothing short of a miracle.

Either way – I have some old material to look over, it seems…

Living With a Writer, For Dummies

I’m the only writer in my house. I’m the only person that spends a majority of their day, at a computer, doing work. And I love it. I quite literally quit retail work to pursue freelancing, and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

Unfortunately, that means that while I have the reprieve of not working with the public, I work from home. And no one in my house actually has a job… or a social life… outside of the house.

So, I’m usually surrounded, constantly, by people who do not leave my house and who also do not write and therefore do not understand the concept of being at the computer does not necessarily mean that I am doing nothing and that, yes, my being at the computer for 10+ hours a day is actually work and perhaps I should at least be left alone for a portion of those hours.

And it’ll happen in bursts. In the middle of a really, really good writing stride, only to be interrupted. Be it others in my house being rowdy themselves, or trying to have conversations with me, or… whatever whim of the hour is. Naturally, I have to respond, because the rules of social convention dictate that when someone speaks to you, despite doing something of Importance, you must respond. And give them time. Etc. And then I have to get back in the groove to be interrupted again. And I’m certain it’s not malicious, but it tends to be obvious when it happens multiple times a day that my agitated social cues are not enough to convey that hello, I am doing the Work, so talk about our inclimate weather to a person who cares and who isn’t in the middle of trying to make a deadline.

It’s a frustration that I imagine other writers face, where their efforts and their time are not respected, simply because people don’t understand that, huh. We’re actually doing work and putting in effort something. And I think for the most part, people don’t understand that writers, like other workers, need time and space to do their work. Writing takes effort and energy and constant interruption does nothing but impede that.

So, maybe you live with a writer, and maybe you’re possibly guilty of accidental interruption. And maybe your writer friend/roomie/relative/lover/partner is a bit like me, and tries to avoid confrontation as much as possible and is just letting it slide (while venting about it on the internet, lovely , or maybe they’ve tried to talk to you and you still don’t get it. A few tips.

  1. Work time is sacred. Respect it like you’d respect any other job that requires concentration and personal time.
  2. Our offices or office spaces or work spaces or wherever/whatever we’re using as a place of writerly harmony is not a free-for-all. You wouldn’t burst into the Oval Office willy nilly just because you wanted to talk to the president for a second, don’t come in our spaces when we’re doing our thing.
  3. Standing behind us to watch what we’re writing is creepy… Just don’t do it. You can always just ask what we’re working on later.
  4. If we’re quiet/not responding to you immediately/etc., it’s not because we hate you, it’s because we’re working.
  5. The ‘lol you have it so easy what with sitting at a computer all day’ and comments of other variations are truly, wholly, unnecessary.
  6. Yes, working at a computer all day is real work.
  7. Yes, writing is real work.
  8. We’re working, I promise you.


He’s pretty. Delicate. Milk and honey skin that’s soft to the touch and you know he’ll be sweet to the taste when you get your teeth in him – and you will. There’s no doubt that it’ll happen, that you’ll give in, and he’ll let you because he’s a good boy and what you want from him is yours, yours for the taking.

Because you’re allowed.

Because he lets you.

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